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Best. Day. Ever.

By January 7, 2021 No Comments

Best. Day. Ever.

Archie adopted us in the beginning of September.

After we got through the point of being exhausted from someone constantly needing to go out at night. We realized how much joy he had in life.

We also realized our time together is short.

After one rackus adventure, I looked to Beth and told her that Archie had his best day ever.

That we should try to make tomorrow his best day ever.

Thus started our consistent plan on working towards his best day ever… Everyday.

Something happened along the way they also became our best days ever.

Some Days we might go for a hike. Others it might be a long walk or trip to the dog park. Sometimes, we prefer to put on our sweaters and sleep behind the sofa.

No matter what we try to do something to make everyday the Best. Day. Ever.


I invite you to try and do something for yourself or with another person to help make everyday your best day ever.