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Solutions & Value

Ten years spent in the industry (and many more at the dinner table) have lead Dave to these two values:

Solutions - People come to industry experts with one expectation: expertise. If you're going to put yourself or your business out there, you have to be willing to stand by your knowledge and skills. You need to make predictive and proactive choices to remain relevant, and constantly stay in the loop on industry topics and new technologies.

When someone asks for your opinion, lay out the best option for them. Give them something that will solve their problem today and continue to solve it moving forward..

One thing that Dave really hates is laying out all the options and then making the end user choose. Yes, it removes the risk and responsibility if a solution goes wrong, but it also doesn't prove that the correct solution will be chosen. It’s important to give your customers options, but not when they fly in the face of your industry expertise.

Value comes from providing solutions.

Value is more than just a price on a proposal. It is the ability to work and be fluid within that scope.

It's making the end user want to work with you after the project is done. It is not holding them hostage and locking down “proprietary” code.

Value is the experience of having built solutions in the past, and the inherent benefits to be found in working with authentic industry experts.

Choosing the value based approach isn’t always the cheapest up-front option, but over time it will save both time and money. It also avoids the common pitfalls and stresses associated with time based agreements. When projects are negotiated on value, there are no change orders. There are no additional hours billed. There are no “surprise” costs in the middle of a project.

Choosing to complete your next project with the value based approach is an investment, but it is also a guarantee that the job will be done to your specifications, done on time, and done correctly.

Professional Bio:

Throughout his tenure, Dave has continued to prove himself a leader in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 solutions.

From Rockwell to Ignition, PLC's to MES, ICS Cybersecurity and beyond, Dave has been elbows-deep in providing revolutionary world-class solutions.

From developing systems to launching and implementing solutions, Dave has the experience necessary to bring your industry goals to fruition.

Dave has a very straight forward approach to implementing these solutions:

Dream Big. Start Small. Show ROI.

By digitally transforming companies through easy to implement solutions and a straightforward approach to ROI, Dave is helping rewrite what is possible in Industrial Automation.

Fun Bio:

Dave has been working remotely since 2017. Around this time he (and his wife Beth) waved goodbye to the townhouse they had been renting and drove into the adventure of living on the road.

6 time zones.

Hundreds of nights sleeping... well everywhere.

A few (thousand) cups of coffee later

Tens of thousands of miles driving

Hundreds of thousands of airline miles.

And they're still at it.

One of the reasons why Dave loves living the “digital nomad” life is because it allows him to see people (and customers) that he normally wouldn't if he lived in one place. Sometimes they find ways to work together. Sometimes they create relationships that last a lifetime.

Dave is a firm believer that life is short.

Good people find ways to work together.

Good begets good, and he will continue to only put good things out into the world.

When Dave isn't hard at work, he’s usually in the middle of his next adventure. Summer of 2019 was spent exploring New England and the Canadian Maritimes, culminating in a grand tour of Newfoundland. (See the picture to the right: Ironically this was during the worst rendition of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues they had ever heard.)

If you come across “Fun Dave”, he’ll likely be on the top of a mountain, or pouring sand out of his shoes on the beach, or just generally trying to outrun cell reception.

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