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The Ultimate Digital Transformation Quick Start Guide

How do you as an industrial company lead a Digital Transformation or any transformative organizational change?

Slowly and methodically. There is no magic bullet that is suddenly going to transform your corporate culture or your legacy equipment into running completely on the cloud. There are many great new technologies out there, but they might not all be right for you.

No one has all the answers for your unique situation. Anyone trying to force their rigid structure on your company is throwing up red flags!

Read about how Dave is leading Digital Transformation projects.

Before you start a Digital Transformation or any organizational change process ask yourself:

What is our goal?

What does this *Insert Buzzword* mean for our organization.

For some a Digital Transformation might mean a completely new facility. Everything 2021 technology from the start. All data collected, measured, instantly acted upon. This might even include using Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to help make sure that the end product is within spec.

Others might mean we’re upgrading from legacy controllers, starting to collect data. We’re utilizing some cloud services like Microsoft 365 as opposed to legacy paper solutions.


Digital Transformation means different things to almost every different group.

Watch as Dave takes you through the Digital Transformation Quick Start Guide.

Infographic and downloadables below.


Here are Dave’s proven 5 step quick start process:

1) Dream Big

Close your eyes.

If you start from scratch… How would you re-build your facility?

This will become your road map.

Your living breathing guide.

2) Start Small

The whole project will not be done in one phase.

Pick an area where you can succeed and make a major impact.

3) Immediate Impact

  • Start Strong.
  • Show measurable results.
  • Show return on investment.
  • Prove the plan work.

4) Garner Buy-In

We need wide spread support.

From Executives to the shop floor.

Starting small and making an impact will rally support around a Digital Transformation Initiative.

5) Show Results

Results are what matter:

  • Return on Investment.
  • Quicker cycle times.
  • Less menial tasks.
  • Suy in from top floor and the shop floor.


Digital Transformation Quick Start Guide Infographic

Download Digital Transformation Quick Start Guide