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American Makers doing it right!

Today I want to highlight an small maker in the US doing customer Service right!

Hear as I talk about the great service from Spoke Design.

They are small makers building great pens and pencils right here in the US.

💡 This is a lesson for many companies.
💡 Great customer service will bring repeat customers!
💡 We can make great things locally.

This unboxing is for my friends LoupeDavid Nichols maybe it’s my turn to spend some of your money! 😎

Do I have others on here that also enjoy pens and machined items?

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Spoke Design went above and beyond in helping solve a tiny problem. Thus creating a life long supporter.

I’m sure that we’ll see more of their products shortly on the channel.




Welcome back to my latest video. Today, I’ve got a positive American manufacturing story to share. So you guys probably know that I do my best to purchase, you know, local things made in the US and Canada which are becoming harder and harder to find beyond that. You may or may not know that I love pens. It’s the one thing that I typically collect. So I’ve got a series of ballpoints and roller balls and fountain pens and we can go into the weeds on that, but I do my best to kind of find stuff. That’s fun. That’s local all of different colors. And so a while ago. I purchased a pen from a company called Spoke Design. In the Southeast. There are a couple of guys and they manufacture in the, in the Southeast and and I love it. It’s a great pen. I had an issue that I dropped the pen and it kind of exploded. And when I say exploded it just kind of covered the entirety of the of the pen. And I’m like, huh? This this is weird. And so I sent them an email and asked, you know, if it’s a normal thing? If it’s a refill thing and they were shocked that it happened. It normally doesn’t happen. And they’d asked Brian and asked if I wanted another pen. I’m like, no, you know, these things kind of get dirty. Don’t worry about it. I can wash it and then he’s like, you know what, I just I thought about it. We hardly ever have any issues. Please go ahead and send it back. And so He sent me another one. And if you guys see this, awesome Spoke Design box, David Nichols. This is not nearly as cool as many of the robots. You open it Loupe, but we are going to have a bit of an unboxing and see please return problem pen. That I just showed you guys… One of the things that I love is like look at this box like this is just so awesome, and then we’ve got the package. So we’ve got the packaging is just packaged. So nice. That was one of the first things I noticed and packaging is very much. It’s the first thing that you notice. And yeah, it’s one of the first things that you notice. So I think they do a fantastic job. And so this is the new pen. It comes in this little tube. Let’s see. It just has, it’s got these magnets. And it just has this super tight tolerance. And let me see if I can get you guys. We’ll see if the microphone picks it up over here, It just has the super tight tolerance and but no, It’s amazing. I love it. And so, I just wanted to share a positive American manufacturing American customer service story. It feels like nowadays, customer service is the last thing on the people… is the last thing on the minds of many people. But at the end of the day it’s what brings customers to us and what will continue to bring. Customers back to us. At some point. I’m sure that I will own more pens because I have a pen issue. Drop your comments below. Tell me what you guys think. I should have links to all of this below. They may or may not be in stock, because as you guys know… getting parts in and then putting the parts together is always a time consuming and laborious thing, especially with the crunch that that we’re seeing. Now, until next time. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye. Bye.