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Be Purposeful – An outlook on 2022

Be Purposeful – An outlook on 2022

If something doesn’t have a purpose, why am I doing it?

Last year I knew that I needed to make a number of LARGE CHANGES.

Between a pandemic, building a company, travel, and a new puppy.
My life was chaotic.

Generally, I thrive in chaos. But this was too much.

So I started asking the question: WHY?

Why am I doing this?
What is the purpose?

Then I started acting on these answers like I was consulting myself.

I got better clients and fired bad ones.

We stayed in places that made us happier longer – and didn’t drive an extra 3,000 miles because that beach was nice, or the mountain is beautiful.

I started Manufacturing Hub with my (now) good friend Vlad Romanov.

For the business – I asked to work with people I wanted to work with.

Many of them said yes!

2022, I will continue to be purposeful.
While everything will not work out as planned.
I know I’ll be happier at the end of the day.

What did changes did you make or are you planning to make that brought huge benefits?

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