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2020 was hard, the scars will never go away. 2021 will be better than ever.

2020 was hard.

2020 had more plans, more jobs, more opportunities vanish than ever before.

2020 included more than one time of just sitting down wondering WTF and what the next step looked like.

So I did the only thing I could and worked on life in addition to work.

2020 included more National Parks, than ever before. 18ish.
More parks that we drove by and were closed as well.

2020 was 2 oceans, the gulf cost, and 4 Great Lakes.

2020 was welcoming a puppy that has redefined my idea of how dirty one person can get 20 minutes after getting out of a shower.

2020 helped open my eyes and redefine what and why we’re running a business.

If you were part of that in any way, we talked, or I waved as we drove by.

Thank you.

The scars and lessons from 2020 will never go away.

We will never be the same people again.

I know that I’ll be better than ever before.