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AutomationFair At Home Networking Meetup 2020

AutomationFair At Home Networking Meetup 2020

TL;DR Come hang out and network on Wednesday the 18th with us 4pm EST!

Register Here.

AutomationFair at Home

AutomationFair, the most important Rockwell Event and probably the most important Automation event of the year is going to be virtual this year.

This year it’s going to be November 16-20. While it was planned to be in California this year, that’s been cancelled for the pandemic. So I’ll be on a dock just south of Savannah, GA.



The best part of these events for me is the networking. It’s really nice to sit in classes and see the keynotes. To remember how HUGE the ecosystem has become. See all the friendly faces that we see once a year and the international contingent. At the end of the day, I spend what amounts to a week of my life walking around the floor because of you people!

AutomationFair is the bar at the end of the event. The great events from our distributors. The Tuesday night Manufacturing Happy Hour event. The morning breakfasts at the hotel where we hope that we remember the names of the people that we met the night before!

I’ve made long term friends a few of them I’m lucky enough to call clients and partners in these places.

As the live everything is not going to happen. I want to be sure to not lose the entire year of networking events!

So I’m going to give everyone a space to have these conversations!

I guess that means I’m hosting a networking event… Yup, I’m hosting a networking event!

Come on and I’ll share a (mostly) funny story as to what happened the last time that AutoamtionFair was scheduled in Anaheim.

So come hang out for an hour or two and let’s talk about what’s working. What the market looks like in your area. What your plans are for 2021.




Link to register: here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!