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Loupe Sends Dave a Loot Box

Loupe Sends Dave a Loot Box!

💥 I joke that I’m hoping for an ABB robot… 💥

Turns out I got something much better! (And also a robot)

This is the most shocking and eye opening unboxing I’ll ever do!

David Nichols and Loupe sent me this box to open –

They are the champions of Industrial Automation unboxing.

I’m still stunned as to what was in the box.

After the nice letter…

I got one of the pens I’ve been looking at for years!

Some words of wisdom
🦾 “Its for my work”

Then the swag just keeps rolling in.

🦾 Notebook
🦾 Stickers
🦾 Socks


Don’t know where it’s going – but we’ll find a space to keep it out!

Let me know if you like the pen unboxings and I’ll find a way to keep it going!



Hey everyone, it’s Dave. Welcome back to my latest video.
A couple weeks ago. I posted a video about this pen and the makers behind it.
Who were so fantastic with customer service.
And I unboxed this pen and sent back the other one.
As part of that. I tagged the Kings and Queens of Industrial Automation Unboxing,
folks, over Loupe
and well, they sent me this box. And if you can see here,
it says the ATTN. It says attention UNBOX,
and so we’re going to do this… Now top hopes,
would it be it? ABB Robotic Arm.
I’m pretty sure isn’t going to fit in this but let’s get into the box and see what’s in it.
So if you guys don’t know David Nichols over Loupe,
he was on the Manufacturing Hub Podcast a couple of weeks ago.
We were talking about DevOps
in Industrial Automation
and they are doing a bunch of really cool things over Loupe out in Portland.
I think most of the West Coast they do a lot of B&R.
That was a fantastic episode. You guys will have to check it out
below all of that in the description.
But a huge shout out to David and the group over there for sending this out.
Oh, oh, okay. This is what it looks like.
We’ve got a note and as I’m getting ready to take out a note,
we’ve got something in here.
Oh, it says Dave, now that I know you love pens and machined pens.
I had to help you take your pen unbox series to a second episode.
Please enjoy.
Its laser inscribed with important Loupe wisdom and enjoy the Loupe Gear.
One. Thank you David. I am terrified of unboxing this but let’s see.
So this is a CW&T.
It’s a Pen Type A and I was actually talking to Jacob in the comments about the Pen Type A
It is quite literally been on my list,
This looks like such an in awesome pen.
So apparently I’m just the…
Pen Unbox guy. Now.
So the special Loupe wisdom that David said he’s going to send.
It says “It’s for my work” David over at Loupe
which is what he and I have joked about a lot.
Oh, man. Let’s see. Oh,
Oh. Wow. This is this is awesome.
So I’ve seen the Pen Type A. I have seen the Pen Type B.
I’ve never had them in my hands. Yeah,
I’m just gonna… Wow,
Okay. I’m gonna thank you for this.
I’m going to put this back before. I spend the next 20 minutes of on-air time gushing over this.
I’m going to go look at this other awesome Loupe swag.
I would like to go back and say I would much prefer this then the the ABB Robot
that I was joking about in the beginning.
Wow, that is amazing. Okay, so we’ve got some Loupe swag.
So, as you guys saw, there was a Loupe sticker on the front.
I felt like it was fairly.
Decent of an opportunity that there would be more Loupe stickers in here.
Oh, wow. So we got some stickers.
I love stickers. All the stickers.
Let’s see. So I think I’ve got a sticker in the back.
Yeah, so you can see this is from the folks over Industrial Insight
Jim and those guys I think these were last year’s stickers
or at least it got sent to me at the end of last year.
And so there will shortly be a Loupe sticker there as well.
Oh, oh, we have The Field Notes style book,
I love. Oh man. David.
I don’t know who is doing your stuff.
I think it’s Allison over there. Oh,
wow. This is amazing about how well this is done.
Our mission is Revolution, which is what we talked about on the podcast,
which I love that they’ve got the values
and then I don’t know how they did or how they came up with.
I’m going to probably miss call it street art
style branding, but it’s in their warehouse.
And if you guys see this their videos.
You will see kind of all of that in there.
I love that.
Oh man,
that is awesome. Engineer your life.
Again stickers!
Okay, so I think it’s a Boston Dynamics,
robot that they have. I think they distribute these guys.
I was unprepared to to talk about the inner workings of Loupe on this,
but wow. Thank you. The stickers will certainly go to use.
Oh, oh. Wow,
this is just the best unboxing ever.
Because if you guys can see, we also have a robot.
I got a pen and a robot and stickers and a notebook and oh,
my goodness socks. I love the logo.
Wow. I’m just Wow,
I’m blown away. So I thought there might have been a t-shirt.
You gotta see this. You can see this multiple robots.
This is the best box of stuff ever.
Wow. Yeah.
I am, I’m blown away with all of this amazing box of everything,
right? Like this is the best swag bag.
I think I’ve ever seen anyone put together.
Oh, there’s more that’s planes and I think we got little pin,
and I feel like these guys don’t even necessarily know about my lapel pin collection,
which is a story for another day.
Wow, so huge shout out.
And thank you to David and everyone over Loupe.
I am now going to spend the next 20 minutes Oogling and playing with this pen and wow.
Wow, that’s, that’s amazing.
But now I’m now going to spend the next 20 minutes going through this.
I love this. From The Moment.
I Saw the pain type A. It has the little what is it?
Four and a half inches of ruler on there.
I feel like this will actually be useful for most things in my everyday life again.
Thank you to everyone. Please let me know.
Yeah, is this the best swag box you ever seen?
And if it’s not who has done something better
and then I guess also drop a comment below if you want me to continue.
To unbox pens on this channel.
Because remember, it’s for my work.