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The Feature No One Wanted LinkedIn Stories

By January 26, 2021 February 1st, 2021 No Comments

The Feature No One Wanted LinkedIn Stories

Early 2021 I asked everyone what they thought about LinkedIn stories.

For everyone that is not aware- LinkedIn rolled out a “Stories” feature in December 2021 for much of their user base.
If you’ve ever used a stories feature on any other social media platform, you’ll understand the concept. If you haven’t- you can add pictures and video and people can see and comment on it for 24 hours.

When we started there was a ton of use, small amounts of engagement, and quite a bit of scrolling.

One thing I never figured out was where do I use LinkedIn stories and where do I post normally?

Three things I never figured out-

1)Where do I use LinkedIn stories and where do I post normally?

2)Why do these disappear and I can’t track the views?

3) Why can’t I use this on a computer? At least be able to view the stories.

We started off with hundreds of views the first week or two and that dwindled down to a couple dozen fairly quickly. I posted something at the beginning of 2021 and got around 8 views.

This lead me to the poll question-

Are you using Stories?
Are you getting engagement?

The resounding answer was half the poll of 77 people didn’t know what stories are and 36% of them have given up on stories.

It’s not looking good for the home team.

This year in 2021, I’m going through the process of asking weekly questions and then coming back here to keep track of them. Follow along with the LinkedIn poll tag.

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