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What does your Cybersecurity Program look like for 2021?

By May 19, 2021 No Comments

What does your Cybersecurity Program look like for 2021?

Do we care about cybersecurity in the ICS Space yet?

I created this poll before the Colonial Pipeline Incident. We’ll have to run it again to see if there is going to be any changes with the fallout.


Cybersecurity has always been important and is becoming more and more important within the Industrial environment.

The worst case scenario is people die.

What are you doing to prevent that?

🔥Are their internal teams who are charged with working on the system? What are their qualifications? Are you bringing in external resources for audits and heavy lifting.

🔥Are you outsourcing the entire ICS Cybersecurity Stack?

🔥Are you asking Cyber… What?

🔥Have I missed a major bucket that I can’t include based on LinkedIn limitations?

Bonus points for telling me if you guys claim to be air gapped v. If you are really air gapped.

What does your Cybersecurity program look like for 2021?


Over the course of almost 6,000 views, 77 votes, 24 comments, you answered!


Lead by Internal Team                      43%

Cyber… What?        26%

External Audits & Remediation                     23%

Other (Please Comment)           08%

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