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What’s your favorite Industrial Automation Platform? LinkedIn Poll

By February 16, 2021 February 22nd, 2021 No Comments

What’s your favorite Industrial Automation Platform? LinkedIn Poll

Could I ask a more 🔥 question to get people in the Industrial Automation community worked up? I don’t know, but I’m sure going to try over the course of 2021!

I asked and you answered. Honestly I’m shocked by the comments. Siemens just rolled over Rockwell Automation, Aveva (Schneider and Wonderware) as well as everyone else.

Over the course of almost 38,000 views, 1,397 votes, 99 reactions and 274 comments I give you the results:

Siemens = 48%

Rockwell Automation = 28%

Other = 16%

Aveva = 8%

(Schneider Electric and Wonderware)


Stand Outs

I need to make a special shout out to Beckhoff Automation and their CtrlX Automation Platform for a huge amount of community support.

I am surprised at the large amount of Siemens support compared to Rockwell support. My network and the United States in general is much a Rockwell Automation territory.

Very happy to see the overall support that Siemens has and am thankful for everyone who voted and viewed this poll online.

Stay tuned for other polls that will be coming every couple of weeks. Follow along here on the blog.


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