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What’s your favorite Next Generation HMI/SCADA Platform?

By February 24, 2021 No Comments

What’s your favorite Next Generation HMI/SCADA Platform? LinkedIn Poll

I’m asking the tough questions to the Industrial Automation community in 2021 and you’re answering!

Next Generation HMI SCADA Platforms. I knew there was some really tough competition out there and this just confirmed that there was ever more than I expected.

Over the course of almost 41,000 views, 698 votes, 52 reactions and 117 comments I give you the results:

Siemens = 36%

Rockwell Automation = 26%

Ignition = 24%

Other = 14%

Additionally, Beckhoff, VTScada, FrameworX by Tatsoft, and PLCNext were very strong in the comments.


Huge shout out to everyone who participated. Thank you all very much!

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