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Is Industrial Software and Support Too Expensive?

Is Industrial Software and Support Too Expensive?

I asked you, the community the question of ” Should we pay for Industrial software & support or should it be free?”

Going into this I completely knew that it could be a loaded question. It seems like on many corners of the internet and bars around conference time, this is a hotly contested subject.

I find this is especially the case when we’re dealing with Rockwell’s toolkit (in quantity), end users, and/or Integrators who need to stack many different offerings with vendors all of whom have fees for software and support.

I was actually pretty shocked with the results…


Over the course of almost 26,500 views, 519 votes, 127 comments, and more than a few direct messages you answered!


NO! Already purchased hardware                36%

Yes, but it’s too expensive…                            33%

Yes, We get great service!                                 24%

Other (Please Comment)                                   07%


Shocking Results:

The most shocking thing was not that 36% of people don’t want to pay for this software & support.

The most shocking thing was that a combined 57% said that we should pay for the software & support. 24% of those people think that the pricing is spot on!



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