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It’s been a while…

since my last official blog post on a WordPress Platform. To be really honest I’ve missed it….


Before I get ahead of myself: WELCOME!


I decided to build a site that is me. Blogs. Videos. Conferences. Travel. Events.

One that all my stuff can live on forever.

Hey! I’m Dave. Nice to meet you.

You should take a look at my most recent Meet Dave Video. It has the singular goal to tell you a little bit more about me without talking about work.


More towards the “Professional” side….

I’m still Dave. You will come to expect me in a three piece suit with some sort of tie, probably a wooden bow tie!

I live in that spot where IT and OT collide with Business and providing value. Where Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 overlap with IIoT – Only we need to actually make it work.

Now am I always the person who is going to do this work?

No. Absolutely not.

While I’m extremely good at what I do. I know I am not the best at all of the bits and pieces. That’s where I rely on my network of companies who are the world class at what they do.

The next major achievements in Industry are not going to come from one person and their garage…

Lots of amazing things happen in garages, but we’re living in an interconnected age. At a time where trying to get one person to do everything is foolish. Where we need to work together and collaborate as a community and an industry to put together true world class projects.


Looking back on where I am in my career.

I’ve been very gifted. Maybe not in that moment, but looking back, I can only smile. I have worked with some really great companies and worked for some really not good folks. I consider myself lucky on finding opportunities early in my career, being given the reigns and told to go.

How many 23 year olds do you know who have spent $250,000 on a trade show, in a different country?

I’ve been there.

Planning and managing a greenfield project that would top out at $100,000,000.

No one through that it would be that large when we first started.

I work with some amazing, world class companies.

I’ve found that being your genuine self attracts good people. Good people find ways to work together. Good people find ways to continue to work together.


I’m always looking for good people to connect with. Online. In Person. I want to know the best of the best and maybe we can work together. Maybe we know people that the other person should know.


Outside of this website, I’m active on LinkedIn, we should completely connect.

You should also consider joining my newsletter list. I don’t know what it’s going to become…but I do know that it’s not going to be only of those salsey things.  I’m putting one together to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest. Plus where I’m going to be and see if there are opportunities to get together.