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Meet Dave in 2020

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☕☕Meet Dave in 2020☕☕


I really like putting a video in the signature of my emails.

Because it gives people to see me and hear me talk during our first interactions. Text can be hard. No one is sure if this comment is extremely serious or trying to make a joke.

The trick to get people to remember your video❓
DO NOT TALK ABOUT WORK. Talk about yourself as a person. There are things that you like outside of work….Right? Travel, family, coffee, where you live.

Take a look. What do you think❓



Dave: What’s up everyone? Dave here, hope everything is going well with you. In this video I want to tell you a little bit about me that is not work related and ask you to tell me something about you that I may not know. What should you know about me other than I’ve got a fantastic beard and am a snappy dresser? Well first I like coffee. In fact if you can hear, we’ve got more coffee brewing and I am a sucker for let me phrase. I am apparently a sucker for branded coffee mugs. Now there are about a hundred videos floating around the internet of me drinking coffee, talking about work. But besides that, what should you know? I love cameras and video editing and fountain pens, all of which are probably readily apparent for you guys. I’ve been working remotely for about the last three years and my wife and I travel around in between going to see your beautiful faces onsite and in conferences.

Dave: You know, we could fall into the remote workers or the digital nomads. We basically tell people that we’re full time RV’ers. We get the opportunity to see a lot of the country in 2019 I worked from six time-zones. My most favorite being Island time, which is what they call Newfoundland. And if you guys have ever been to Newfoundland, please like just stop and write a comment and we can talk about Newfoundland.

Dave: It’s one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. 2020, I know that I’ll be in at least five different time zones all within North America and the continental United States. We’ve got a bunch of plans and I like it because quite honestly it gives me the opportunity to go see people and see places that I normally wouldn’t see.

Dave: I’m one of those people that if I’m not in the board room, I kind of want to be up in a mountain somewhere. And my wife is one of those people that would just always rather be on a beach.

Dave: I’m kind of tempted to pour out the sand from my shoe from our last beach extravaganza, but I won’t cause that would be a little weird.

Dave: So you can find me somewhere between a boardroom and a mountain and a beach or any of the thousands of miles of back road in the United States in between. Now’s your opportunity. Please tell me something about you I want to know. Talk to you guys soon. Buhbye.