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Life’s Great Dichotomy


When we’re young we have time and want money.
When we’re older we have money and only want more time.

This is Life’s Great Dichotomy.

A follow up clip of last week when I talked about Work Life EXCELLENCE.

What do you wish you had more time to spend doing now?


What awesome new gear are you happy you have the money to buy?


Think of it as that great dichotomy in life, where, when we were young, all we wanted to do was to have the money, to buy the new car, to buy the new bike, or to go on that vacation because we had so much time. And now as we grow older, many of us have more money to be able to buy the things, but what we’re really looking for is time in our life.

And I know those lines blur, especially during a pandemic. Those lines blur, especially as we’re all, you know, work from home. And we need to empower ourselves to take back and remember that we love doing things, that we love doing things outside of work.