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Projects I’m excited about GPAidentify

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Projects I’m excited about GPAidentify


If you’ve been following the projects that I’ve been working on, I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about GPAidentify. 


Your first step in ICS Cybersecurity


GPAidentify is an Industrial Control System Risk Mitigation platform. 

There are two parts:

1) ICS Cybersecurity

2) OT Network Assessments

Both play a critical role. 


The first step in becoming “secure” is understanding your ICS Cybersecurity posture. That’s a fancy phrase that means you must understand where you are currently secure and insecure. Only then you can figure out how to secure your facility. 


Think of it like this: You could spend $100,000 on an assessment for a firewall and a firewall installation. The second a single ethernet cable gets plugged around that firewall, it was all for naught. 

Now, because GPAidentify is able to dynamically detect and visualize the OT Network, you can now confirm that you don’t have these issues. 


What it does


NIST Cybersecurity Framework has five steps, the first of which is identify. That is exactly what this product does. It identifies your shortcomings and leads you through the process of mitigating those very issues. 


GPAidentify setup generally starts by plugging into the main trunk line of your OT Network. If you are segmenting by VLAN’s, then you only need one device. Then the device goes out and passively scans the network. You can then target and active-scan specific devices, segments, etc. to dig deep into the specifics of your network


A couple of my favorite parts

  • Topographical network diagrams, which double as OT Network troubleshooting guides. 
  • Searchable network assets. Want to know which Rockwell items are on the floor? All you have to do is spell Rockwell correctly within the search bar.
  • Reading the PLC I/O Cards through the backplane.
  • This of course includes all the switch configurations stored, patches, firmware and software information. 


Important to note: this product was created by people who live on the plant floor. That means they know how bad it is to shut down a facility by overloading the network. I don’t make it a habit to work with people who get thrown off site. 


On-demand ICS Cybersecurity Assessments, now at your fingertips. Let GPA lead you through the set up and workshop the different parts of the NIST Framework. Fully and dynamically realize your facility’s ICS Cybersecurity. Make changes to your OT network confidently and securely, and eliminate the need (AND COST) for annual cybersecurity assessments from overprced consulting firms. 


Roadmap to security


GPAidentify’s output is a roadmap with control enhancements to help you become secure. Security is not a one and done thing. All of the hackers won’t magically disappear one day. The need for security will never end. 


Why you might want it


There are a few reasons why GPAidentify might be right for you. One thing we’ve come to learn is that the more we talk to people about the platform, the more versatile it becomes. 


You know you need to work on that “Cybersecurity” stuff, but don’t know where to start.

You’re tired of throwing more and more money at ICS Cybersecurity assessments. You want to control your destiny.

Maybe you have some great IT folks who “own” the OT network, but need a starting point and some better visualization tools to manage it well. 

Maybe you need to significantly understand your OT Network, working on network assessments, or you OT IT Convergence.

Honestly, I struggle to figure out who would not benefit from this.



Where to learn more


Check out more on the GPAidentify page:

Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to tell you more. 

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the RESHORING series, as well as my most recent videos