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Authenticity Has Never Been More Important

By October 14, 2020 October 21st, 2020 No Comments

Authenticity Has Never Been More Important




Authenticity has never been more important than in 2020.

Finding ways to differentiate yourselves. Set you apart from a sea of candidates, sales stuff, and companies.

Sales & Customer facing roles
Companies and owners

I challenge everyone I work with and talk to BE AUTHENTIC!
Show the world who you are.
Let people be drawn to you because they enjoy talking to you.


Dave: Hey everyone. Welcome back to my latest video, at my outdoor standing desk today, I want to talk about authenticity with the bonus pup date. At the end. My goal is always to be authentic. I want the Dave that you meet here online to be the Dave that you meet in person either in the past, or hopefully at some point. And I’m always trying new different ways to do that. Honestly, people have told me that I do a good job, which I really appreciate, especially if they’re telling the truth and, you know, honestly it could be the beard. It could be the wooden boat ties. It could be the fact that I always have a cup of coffee in my hands, but it’s, it’s a way that I like to bring a little bit of myself to you guys on the internet. I challenge everyone that I work with.

Dave: And quite frankly, everyone that I talk to to be authentic, you know, show the world who you are, learn some of the skills and hobbies that you enjoy doing outside of work and see who else is interested in that for as many good work conversations as I have had, I have started many friendships with people who, you know, we’ve got something else in common online, and then that’s turned into different work opportunities for all of us. I want you to remember that you’re so much more than work. So for me beyond the beard and the bow tie and the coffee, I talked to a lot of people about traveling. I do take a lot of photos and I generally post those on Fridays and have had a lot of really good conversations with people about the different photos of quite honestly, a lot of like random things or beautiful things that I see.

Dave: I find in the attempt to be authentic. I actually had completely planned to shoot this video in Acadia national park, which is right across the water as you guys are probably seeing right now, other than the fact that it was honestly extremely windy. And there’s absolutely no way that you guys could’ve heard that. So I like to take a little bit of what I do and give it out to the world for you. It’s probably something different. We’ve got people who love talking about fishing. We’ve got lots of people to talk about dogs. We’ve got lots of people that talk about side projects. I’ve seen airplanes, I’ve seen paintings. I’ve seen lots of other things online. And every time I see those, I think to myself, you know, that’s pretty awesome that they do that. You know, I also like this thing, or I don’t necessarily know very much about this thing, but I’m interested to have a conversation with this person in order to have that humanization on a person to person level is honestly exceptionally refreshing.

Dave: And part of the reason why I suggest you guys be a little bit more authentic, bring a little bit more of yourselves to work in 2020. In fact, right now in the comments below, please go ahead and drop your thing. One of your things that you enjoy doing outside of those many, many work hours that we have and see if there are some other people who also have similar hobbies that you’re interested in talking to beyond that, let me tell you why you need to be more authentic, especially in 2020. And people generally fall into, you know, one or two of three general buckets, you know, first year an employee, and you’re looking for that current job or that future job in a sea of all of these people. What I’m asking you to do is to be a little bit more authentic, to talk to people.

Dave: To have conversations with the realization that it may or may not necessarily lead to the next opportunity, but it will lead to further introductions. And because you are separating yourself in that you have quite literally separated yourself from the sea of all of those other people in the world of remote everything. You need to find a way to get known! Beyond that if you’re in a customer facing role. So, you know, if you’re a product owner, if you’re a sales person, this is going to help humanize you. And what I say by that is you have lots of conversations. We all have lots of conversations. This is going to help you build connections outside of just the product or products that you’re looking to sell. And we talk a lot about building relationship. This is going to help you build those relationships down the line.

Dave: And at the end, it’s going to drive sales to your products and services. While I’m holding my cup of coffee, I actually have a really funny story about that. So a couple of years ago, I was traveling for work. I got a random phone call. the person person’s name is Jason. He literally started the conversation by asking me if I was drinking a cup of coffee. Now the phone number was not one that I have saved in my phone. He didn’t even tell me his name to begin with. So I’m like, you know, I actually just threw up my last cup of coffee. I’m traveling, I’m actually planning to go grab another cup of coffee. And we had a long conversation about coffee and many other things. Five minutes later, he told me what his name was. And honestly he reached out to start a conversation cause the videos and other things that I have made about a project that he was interested in doing.

Dave: And we went down the process of actually going to do that project, at least in part, because of all of those other things, such as my love or need of coffee. And the third bucket is, you know, if you’re a company or potentially, you’re an owner of a company at the base level, this is your culture. And you need to have conversations about culture because it’s going to well, one help make sure that you have a good culture. It’s going to help you retain your current employees, which is going to be very important. And it’s going to help you attract new employees as well as you’re going to go down this process and talk about what’s important to you guys. So you’re going to find customers and clients who are interested in working with you. And this is especially for a company, not a short, I’m gonna, you know, write three blog posts and do two videos.

Dave: And this is my company culture, and we never have to talk about it again. It’s a long ongoing process, but everyone that I know who has gone down to talk about company culture, it has paid dividends for them being authentic has never been more important than it is in 2020. My challenge to you is to share a little bit more, be authentic, have conversations about your hobbies, have conversations about other people’s hobbies. Maybe it’s their kids. Maybe it’s their dogs, maybe it’s fishing. I don’t know. And neither do you. And that’s why I’m asking you to have these conversations again, please drop below in the comments to one of the things that you like to do and a bonus. If this is not something that you are currently sharing, you know, what’s holding you back. Why are you not going and talking about things outside of work? Why do you want to hold back from being human as promised to pub date Archie has grown at least 30% enjoys short walks until he decides he wants to chew on the chain and has decided that he is a Digger and burrower and loves mud. What see Arch, can you show everyone how muddy you are Yeah. Are we a muddy boy? Archie Sit. Oh, good boy.