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Trust The Process GPAidentify Boxing

By October 19, 2020 No Comments

Trust The Process GPAidentify Boxing


Behind the scenes

What started off as an idea for an unboxing spiraled a lot.

In fact, this is the polar opposite of an unboxing. So I suppose it’s a behind the scenes boxing?!?

I got a beautiful device and planned an unboxing. But the cardboard box was just not as inspiring as I had hoped.
Do not fear!

One trip to harbor freight later, I decided that this was going to be too much fun not to capture and share.

You’ve probably seen the #IdentifyThis pictures. I wanted a nicer looking demo box to carry the device around in. Mostly because it’s been so long since I’ve had a physical device to demo or take pictures…

So I wanted to take everyone behind the scenes for the process of building a demo box.

If you’ve got questions for what this can do, drop them in the comments below and GPA or I will answer them for you.
Heck, we can even set you up with a real live software demo.

Been on a Zoom call recently? 😂😂😂